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This is a technology based project where the main value lies in the intellectual property.

We hope to be working with the UK Ministry of Defence and other European governmental agencies so we are extremely cautious about disclosing specific material.

That means we need a non-disclosure-agreement signature and also the official secrets act signed and sent before we can discuss your involvement. There will also be a at least one telephone conversation and Skype conference where amongst other things your identity will be verified.

No doubt this sounds like a pain in the neck, but please have some tolerance for this process.

There is plenty of public information, documents and video provided on this website, so it may be possible to determine if you are interested before signing the agreements.

We understand that the final decision on whether you want to invest will depend on your reaction and opinion of the dreamsoarer. How will you react? You will never know until you get in touch and provide the NDA, Navig Aero looks forward to hearing from you.

Navig Aero dreamsoarer Non-Disclosure Agreement

Official Secrets Act Signature Form 1 of 2

Official Secrets Act Signature Form 2 of 2

Opens PDF in a new window, OSA please sign and return Opens PDF in a new window, OSA please sign and return Opens PDF in a new window, NDA please sign and return